Raw Food



Here at Nirvana Retreat we are passionate about caring for our body on both the inside and outside in our quest to fine balance. We embrace eating raw food, creating interesting recipes, combining food wisely and eating local, organically grown food. We are interested in helping others to understand and reap the benefits of introducing more raw food into their diets through  series of workshops, pot lucks and sharing of recipes. We invite you on our raw food journey!

Speakers and workshops

We are luck enough to have Sue Boyce our raw food expert regularly present raw food workshops at Nirvana. Sue and her family have reaped the rewards of adapting their diets to include more raw and vegan food. Sue is a raw food junkie and has built a business around being an advocate for this lifestyle. We love having her as part of our team.

Raw food pot luck

For a more in depth look at how to introduce and incorporate more raw foods into our diets we host a raw food pot luck at least once a month. This is a great time to share recipes, eat and enjoy each other company and ideas.


As an integral aspect of our detox’s we introduce and coach you through adding further vegan and raw foods to your diet to help the detox process. The foods we choose enhance the process and the attention to food combination ensures that we can easily extract the nutrients from the food we choose.


To aide you in the preparation of raw and vegan foods we have some basic products to recommend.

Apple corer – a simple kitchen accessory to help you speed through apple pealing, coring and slicing

Dehydrator – For healthy snacks a dehydrator is the way to go. We make fruit leathers, fruit bites, crackers and yoghurt strips, delicious!

Water Filter – a simple water filter can remove the toxins, heavy metals and bacteria and enhance the benefits from drinking water.

Keep up to date!

To stay well informed of our workshops, speakers, new products, recipes and raw food updates drop us a line to go on our database.