Spring into Summer with Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse

Summer is here!. Come join us on a 5 Week Guided Spring Cleanse Challenge.  Learn tips and tools for abundant energy, perfect weight, improved digestion, glowing skin, emotional balance and mental clarity!

Spring is a natural cleansing season! With the warmer weather the human organism is wired to shed off extra winter pounds that have kept us warm during the winter and flush out toxins that were accumulated from heavy winter foods.

This is a natural pattern and if you chose to resist it by carrying on loading up on heavy foods, it will lead to internal clogging such as spring allergies, sluggishness, water retention, accumulated waste, and seasonal affective disorder.

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We focus on cleansing your body, mind and soul while instilling knowledge to help you live your life in balance indefinitely. This course is more than a physical process; the Lifestyle Cleanse promotes better spiritual, emotional and physical living and results in the joyous equilibrium of a life lived in balance. The process will leave you feeling rejuvenated and alive!

You will be empowered by a cleanse that helps you:

  • Build your immune system
  • Shed weight and re-energize your mind, body, and spirit! Receive the knowledgeable guidance and support of Kim to achieve the full-body transformation you’ve always wanted!
  • Lose Weight with the ‘Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse’ you’ll adopt proven principles for cellular cleansing and sustainable weight loss. Your plan will be thoroughly personalised.
  • Increase your Energy with alkaline-rich juices and meals.
  • Upgrade your Lifestyle, overcome barriers that may have held you back in the past.
  • To understand your ability for your body to better heal itself.
  • Get Inspired with healthy, affordable, nourishing and  personalised nutritional guidelines.  Get recipes, meal plans, and lifestyle practices to get you from where you are now, to the health of your dreams.
  • Discover an END to yo-yo dieting, restrictive eating or overeating in simple and practical ways!

Cost: $390

What will you learn;

  • How to properly combine your food to maximize digestibility, manage your weight, and avoid feeling bloated and heavy!
  • The importance of alkaline/acid balance and how this relates to extracting and removing waste from your body.
  • The importance of food order and the ideal way of structuring your food intake throughout the day to support detoxification.
  • How to increase your life-force (or “chi”) so that you can experience true energy (not just stimulation)
  • How to tailor your cleanse to your specific detox level and/or any health condition!
  • How to deal with food cravings and addictions (Find out which battles are worth fighting and which ones won’t set you back!)

Here’s what you’ll receive;

  • Access to the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse website; step by step online guide
  • 5 personal Lifestyle Cleanse Sessions, with Kim in-person/phone or Skype
  • A 90 minute consultation via Skype or phone with Jeanette, Journey Therapist; optional NOW $120 Normal $150
  • Weekly Challenges to keep you motivated and help you develop new & lasting habits!
  • Recipes, menu planner, shopping list
  • Yoga Breathing / Meditation Video
  • Meditation Audio’s
  • Yoga Video’s (light practice) working with the Digestive System, Balancing Hormones and increasing Vitality!
  • Questions and Answers
  • On-going group support
  • Share the journey with like-minded people; optional

All participants of the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse programme will be invited to become part of this private online forum within Facebook where you can connect with one another throughout the program, ask additional questions and post your favourite recipes. This private forum (only members will be able to see what’s posted) will become invaluable to you as you work your way through the programme. Not only will it will give you the opportunity to meet and connect with other cleansers just like you, but it will also enable everyone to swap resources and knowledge, all further adding to the a group experience and added support.

Get ready for more joy, balance, and clarity in your life! Join us for a fun, informative, meaningful, and transformative experience!

If you are passionate and want to take your wellbeing to the next level, you will find the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse transforming. I offer a complimentary phone appointment where you can find out more about Nirvana philosophy and if the Cleanse is for you. Please contact for a personal consultation that can lead you to more balance, increased energy & over all wellness!

I look forward to spending the month with you!

Balance, Joy & Wellness,


Lifestyle Cleanse with Kim

Profile Kim-5 (2) (678x1024)Kim is passionate about finding balance.

Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse embodies Kim’s passion for health and well-being. Utilising her broad knowledge and practical experience in the beauty industry Kim is trained in beauty treatments, holistic nutrition, colonic therapy, touch for health, foot joint mobilization, massage, advanced skin analysis, Bowen therapy, equine Bowen therapy and Reiki, she is also knowledgeable in alternative medicines and health. Kim is forever learning and exploring new ideas in her pursuit of leading a balanced life.

Inspired by the philosophies of Dr John R Lee, Dr Norman Walker, Natalia Rose from Detox the World, and her own journey, Kim has created Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse which promotes her life’s guiding principles, working from the inside out; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Kim will work closely with you over the five week Cleanse.

Meditation and Yoga Breathing with Jeanette

Profile Jeanette-5 (2) (678x1024)

Jeanette Cousins specialises in hands-on healing, deep emotional healing as well as teaching and practicing meditation and yoga breathing.

Jeanette’s breathing yoga and meditation allow for deeper connection not only with yourself, but also with others. She believes that to be still and breathe deeply brings you to the present moment, away from mind chatter and stress, presenting a wonderful opportunity to revitalize and uplift your being.

An Accredited Journey Therapist, and living by the mantra that life is too precious to hold onto wounds of the past, Jeanette helps and supports people in their lives. To live as the shining diamond that you are, is your birth right. To let go is always possible. To forgive is always an option.

If you wish to work on the emotional side, there is a one session with Jeanette via Skype or phone.

Jeanette will guide you through a Yoga Breathing Video and Meditation Audio’s;

To meditate means resting inside, on all levels. When we meditate deeply we are aware and connected within, all while remaining still and at peace. To begin a meditative practice can be tricky if you have a busy mind, so a guided meditation might be a good start.

Meditation Audio Sample - Relaxation

It’s very important to relax. Our lives are often packed with activity and to stop (not just watch TV) is essential. Our body and mind needs a break to recharge. So enjoy a short meditation helping you do just that. Let go and find stillness and new fresh energy within.

Yoga Breathing & Meditation Video;

Meditation-3 (1024x650)

This is a simple yoga, focused primarily on deep breathing. To breathe deeply (while moving) brings good life force throughout our entire body. It uplifts our energy and helps release stress, tension and other blocked emotions.

 Yoga with Carmen Howell, from Sadhana Living

2012-11-23 10.46.44 (2)

The yoga Carmen facilitates is an evolving integral form of traditional Hatha yoga, Kundalini, integrating breath, movement, internalising the senses, awareness, stillness and strength. Carmen’s style reflects her studies and practice in Ayurveda, yoga and meditation, with the sole goal to serve and facilitate the discovery of one’s l knowledge.

Yoga is discipline for constant renewal, reuniting the individual self with absolute pure consciousness. It has been practiced for over 4,000 years, the word literally meaning “joining” the union between our mind, body and spirit. Becoming more aware of our true nature as awareness is the state of observation without judgment.

The practice of Yoga is truly designed for all types of individuals welcoming all ages with a strong desire for a healthier, more fulfilled life. The Five Principles of Yoga consist of Proper Relaxation, Proper Exercise, Proper Diet, Proper Breathing, Positive Thinking & Meditation. There are a variation of Asanas (yoga postures) which systematically exercise every part of the body, stretching and toning the muscles, joints, spine and the entire skeletal system as well as the internal system which includes organs, glands and nerves.

Through Vinyasa (internal cleansing) yoga places emphasis on synchronized movement and with the flow of breath as there is one breath in every movement. Pranayama  (yogic breathing) can revitalize the body helping control the mind, increasing absorption of oxygen and purification of the blood circulation leaving you feeling calm and refreshed.

The practice of positive thinking and meditation helps by removing negative thoughts, putting the mind at peace whilst resting the whole system and releasing any tension within the body, increasing clarity, mental power and concentration. Following a proper diet is also essential to the practice, by nourishing our bodies with a well-balanced natural plant based diet.

Overall practicing Yoga is a complete way of embracing all physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of our existence, leaving each individual relaxed and energized.

Carmen will guide you through three yoga sequences;

Digestive Sequence (light practice)

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 3.40.54 PM (1024x575)

The belly; is our core, it’s the centre for transformation, assimilating food into energy, through digestion and elimination. This is the system that nourishes and sustains us and where we draw our strength, resilience, power and intuition (gut feeling) from. The food we eat has a specific effect on our tranquillity. Our relationship with food is a direct indication of our tranquillity. In yoga we focus and work on the belly centre to create heat (Agni) and to aid in assimilation and elimination. This sequence is an introduction to the belly centre, working with yoga to stoke the Fire in the belly for balanced nutrition and elimination.

Balancing Hormones Sequence (light practice)

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 3.37.06 PM (1024x573)

The reality of modern living is that despite our best efforts, we are all susceptible to environmental pollutants, air/water pollution, additives in our food, stress, and many other lifestyle choices. Our body’s ability to process these pollutants becomes burdened.   Hormonal imbalance  is  direct symptom of modern living, experienced as weight gain or loss, menstrual/menopausal disorders, infertility, breast/ovarian/prostate cancers, acne, depression, thyroid disorders.   This sequence focuses on techniques that target different areas of the endocrine system,  which twist, massage, and move energy through the bodily systems to assist with removing toxins and  blocked energy from the body.

Vitality Sequence (light practice)

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 4.01.43 PM (1024x575)

Prana is the quality of vitality, it enters the body through respiration, and is then divided into 5 different realms of vital life energy. Prana magnetises the iron in our blood, which strengthens the magnetic force around the body, keeping us strong and resilient.  The quality of prana is determined by how our body is breathed. Deep rhythmic breathing increases our vital life energy, as it floods the body with oxygen and this also gives instant relaxation to the mind. This sequence is an introduction to Pranayama, (breathing exercises) and techniques to increase the body’s ability to absorb prana.

Complimentary Appointment

This complimentary appointment is where you can find out more about Nirvana philosophy and if the Cleanse is for you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below with time and date you would like us to call. Or email any questions and we will get back with you shortly.

What people say about cleansing with Kim:

You really have made a difference with my healing!  And started me on a new track which is healthier and more fun way of eating.


Thank you Kim so very much, you’ve been a great support during my detox. Grateful to you for helping me establish a more healthier regard for how I nurture my body through great tasting juicing, food recipes advice, resources to help better understand what foods do what etc. The program is so educational and easy. I found the weekly planners and all other resources so helpful and simple to make use of. My biggest challenge was time and preparation. Creating time is vital as it’s important to develop awareness of my body’s needs and or responses, so journaling helped to take more notice how I was emotionally and physically responding.  I recall feeling initially overwhelmed and fearful of being deprived. Realising this I got good advice in changing a simple but highly effective way of not taking something a way but adding…I’ll add more cucumbers. I no longer wake up to a blocked nose sneezing every morning or suffer bloatedness in the afternoons, I no longer scratching my skin randomly. My eyes are brighter, my skin is enjoying the regular dry brushing, my body feels lighter and not sluggish wanting to sleep after a meal. Making some simple yet fundamental changes means I no longer treat my body like an amusement park.  Cleaning out all the toxic and chemical based products in the house is so liberating too! Taking my body from a cellular level from acidic back to its alkaline level has given me renewed vigour and vitality couldn’t possibly ever want to lapse back into old habits. Thank you for being a terrific guide and support for giving me the essential tools and knowledge that will support a much healthier vibrant me!  It’s been a wonderful experience and I am very much grateful to you for the putting me on this journey.


I have recently finished Kim’s 30 day challenge and have found it a positive experience in so many ways. Not only do I feel lighter in body and mind and spirit but I have learnt so much about my relationship with food and it’s relationship with me. I will definitely be continuing some of the practices and would recommend this challenge to any who are brave enough to look deeper.


My eating habits have completely changed with this new knowledge and everything I’ve learnt makes nutritional sense especially that elimination is the key to any diet or detox. My overall well-being has improved. I feel energetic, stronger, and happier and have a deep sense of calm within. All my senses have been reawakened.


The best thing I have done for a long time when it comes to my health and wellbeing and, as a “side effect”, losing 8 kg of my weight!


Before meeting with Kim I never fully understood the concept of detoxing. The discovery of how the way we live and what we eat affects us and those around us has changed the way I live my life. I hadn’t been diagnosed with any specific illness before beginning this challenge but wanted to stop feeling so tired all of the time. Having completed the 4 weeks I now feel energised and full of life and have had many comments from others on my ‘new’ appearance.


I had been very unwell for a year. I was diagnosed after 5 months with endometriosis. Constant daily bleeding (sometimes haemorrhaging), the inability to walk normally and often complete restriction with walking at all. The pain was intense and I was on a huge amount of pain killers. I became recluse and depressed. There wasn’t a lot of fun in our house, let’s put it that way.

Within two weeks I was off all my painkillers. The bleeding had stopped along with the headaches and nausea. And I had energy! My family and friends could not believe the difference in me. And just as an added bonus, I lost weight.


I ate reasonably well beforehand, but find myself eating much better food on a daily basis now without feeling restrained or limited!


 I felt empowered. I had lost weight and felt lighter and clearer. It was wonderful!