Revive 2015 web

This is a retreat for anyone who wish to slow down and learn more about holistic health. In an exquisite mountainous setting, we enjoy delicious, living-foods together. You will learn how to clear your body of toxins and become aware of how-and-when to eat, to make it easier for your body to digest and assimilate. This is a great opportunity to look at your current habits with fresh eyes, to change what needs changing. To still the mind is another key for ultimate health. Meditation and gentle breathing yoga are important parts of our program, as well as expanded energy awareness and tools for emotional healing and letting go.

“For the love of a vibrant life” is our motto.

This retreat is over three nights, your hosts provide group workshops as well as private sessions designed to support you to live a healthier, more vibrant life.

You will come home refreshed with many wonderful practices that can easily be continued in your day-to-day life. Our bodies are amazing, we believe by tuning in and listening, you will learn how to enhance your vitality and energy in the best possible way.

We invite you to take steps towards a fully enriching life!

3 Night Autumn Revive Stay

  • Friday 22nd May – Monday 25th May
  • Queen Room, $1200
  • Singled Shared Room, $1050
  • Bunk Room, $930

Package Includes;

  • 3 nights accommodation at Lookout Lodge, Wanaka
  • Fresh local and organic produce
  • Two 1 hour private session (Personal Wellness Consultation & Inner Healing Tools)
  • 1 hour massage
  • Lifestyle seminars
  • Food workshop
  • Access to all scheduled activities, walks
  • Courtesy transfer from Wanaka





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