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“Vitality is not merely the temporary display of activity, of quick motion or of nervous outpourings.  It comes from deep-rooted sense of rest, poise, awareness and strength which makes one feel on the top of the world and that life is truly worth living every waking moment”    Dr Norman Walker

Lookout Lodge

Retreat Design

The goal is to have you walking away with skills and tools for greater health through good eating, cleansing, relaxation and awareness. This is the great way to get in touch with your body and your inner self, on all levels.

Settling in

You are invited to arrive between 3-5pm on Friday 22nd May 2015. On our first evening we will settle in, get to know each other, have a welcome ceremony, dinner and a short meditation before bed.

Yoga Breathing

Every morning we do breathing yoga and meditation, which is deep breathing while moving our body through a series of gentle exercises, all to centre ourselves and let go of stress and tension. Then it’s time for fresh raw vegetable juices and breakfast, followed by seminars during the late morning.

Nourish your body

There will be a few talks on healthy and vibrant food. We talk about how to eat for easy digestion and natural detoxification, plus how to combine foods to make it easy for the body to eliminate waste. We also talk about when and what to eat in order to follow our body’s natural flow. Since the goal is to alkaline your body, you will learn about raw foods (our diet won’t be 100% raw, but almost so). Each person is slightly different so we work with you one-on-one to help you find your rhythm and pace – this is a personal journey.


We will also teach you how to work with, and be aware of, your own energy – how to protect, cleanse and run the energy in your body. This is powerful, yet simple work. As we start cleansing we may also feel emotions that have been pushed aside, sometimes for years. You will have an opportunity to do inner healing work with Jeanette our Accredited Journey Therapist in a one-on-one session, to give you tools and support in this area.

Meditation. To stop and be present is important for us all. To meditate helps with that, an opportunity to go inside to a still place where we can rest and recharge.  Meditation is actually about living in the moment, which can be done while moving around as well. It teaches us to be in touch with ourselves on all levels, a way to aids us to still our often busy minds.


Private pampering will be available in the form of massage, a food consultation and inner healing work. Kim and Jeanette are both trained practitioners in their various fields plus we have a wonderful massage therapist with us as well. You will receive a personal diary and are encouraged to write, just for yourself. An infra-red sauna is available on site, which supports soothing and powerful release and well-being.

Personalised stay

To ensure that we can provide you with the tools and experience that will reap the best results during your Retreat, we will provide you with a questionnaire. This insight will help us to understand your personal level of experience with different practices, your current lifestyle and the goals you wish to achieve during your stay and beyond.


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