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We are Kim and Jeanette, your hosts for these days of revival, tranquillity and growth. Supporting you in finding balance, we draw from our own experience as we create healthy, nourishing and cleansing meals. At your own pace we practice meditation, yoga and inspire you to gain deeper emotional awareness. It’s an opportunity to let go of the old and open up for a vibrant life of balance and wellbeing.

Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse with Kim

Profile Kim-5 (2) (678x1024)Kim is passionate about finding balance.

Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse embodies Kim’s passion for health and well-being. Utilising her broad knowledge and practical experience in the beauty industry Kim is trained in beauty treatments, holistic nutrition, colonic therapy, touch for health, foot joint mobilization, massage, advanced skin analysis, Bowen therapy, equine Bowen therapy and Reiki, she is also knowledgeable in alternative medicines and health. Kim is forever learning and exploring new ideas in her pursuit of leading a balanced life.

Inspired by the philosophies of Dr John R Lee, Dr Norman Walker, Natalia Rose from Detox the World, and her own journey, Kim has created Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse which promotes her life’s guiding principles, working from the inside out; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Meditation, Yoga Breathing and Energy Work with Jeanette

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Jeanette Cousins specialises in hands-on healing, deep emotional healing as well as teaching and practicing meditation and yoga breathing.

Jeanette’s breathing yoga and meditation allow for deeper connection not only with yourself, but also with others. She believes that to be still and breathe deeply brings you to the present moment, away from mind chatter and stress, presenting a wonderful opportunity to revitalize and uplift your being.

An Accredited Journey Therapist, and living by the mantra that life is too precious to hold onto wounds of the past, Jeanette helps and supports people in their lives. To live as the shining diamond that you are, is your birth right. To let go is always possible. To forgive is always an option.

Our food specialist Maya from MayJer MicroGreens and 88 Kitchen Tales

Maya Novak Sever is the owner of MayJer MicroGreens in Wanaka and passionate about healthy living. She calls Wanaka her home since 2012 when she moved there with her husband Jerry.

She’s the co-author of a plant-based cook book 88 Kitchen Tales or How to Prepare Yummy Plant-Based Meals and Have a Ton of Fun Doing It. She excels in creating low-fat, raw dishes, which their microgreens complement perfectly. Maya’s love of healthy food and belief that optimal nutrition is one of the cornerstones of overall balance and wellbeing is evident in her work as well.

Maya will be the head chef at the Autumn Revive Retreat, preparing nutritional meals and sharing her knowledge about the nutritional powers of microgreens in the workshop during the retreat.






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