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Colon Hydrotherapy

Friday 31st June (afternoon/evening), Saturday 1st June and Sunday 2nd June, Colon Hydrotherapy – Aqualive Natural Health & Detox Spa (Christchurch);

  • 1, 2 or 3 colonics
  • 1 or 2 night accommodation at Sumner
  • transport from Timaru and return
  • Infrared Sauna, optional
  • pre and aftercare guidance

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If you are interested, please contact ASAP. Thank you, Kim

Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse – summer bodies are mad in the winter!

Wednesday 12th August – watch this space 🙂

Liquid superfood, Body Balance information evening on trace minerals – date to be confirmed.  TIMARU

In our modern times many people are becoming increasingly aware that nutrient deficient soils and agrichemical and environmental pollutants compromise their health and wellbeing. I believe in prevention and knowing that the soils are depleted, not as mother nature had intended, I have chosen Body Balance (a liquid form trace minerals, no digestion needed) to make sure all my nutrition is covered.  Sarah Ritchie from Wanaka will be talking on the benefits of Body Balance.

For more information on Body Balance>>

Body Balance – Liquid Superfood, Olivia-Newton John discusses the power of trace minerals and features Body Balance’s SeaNine sea vegetable blend in a special PBS Healing Quest television series segment.  Watch Video >>

Juicer Demo;  see and taste the difference between a slow juicer and transitional juicer.  The Hurom’s “SLOW SQUEEZING SYSTEM”, gently crushing and squeezes the juices from your produce without damaging the vitamins, enzymes or natural goodness contain inside.   RSVP (space limited)  TIMARU

RSVP to all above events to Kim

Ph: 03 688 2546     Text: 021 464 527     Email: info@nirvanaretreat.co.nz

The Journey Intensive Seminar

Jeanette – Mobile: 021405216    Email: ejcousinsnz@gmail.com

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