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To meditate means resting inside, on all levels. When we meditate deeply we are aware and connected within, all while remaining still and at peace. To begin a meditative practise can be tricky if you have a busy mind, so a guided meditation might be a good start.

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Relaxation Meditation

It’s very important to relax. Our lives are often packed with activity and to stop (not just watch TV) is essential. Our body and mind needs a break to recharge. So enjoy a short meditation helping you do just that. Let go and find stillness and new fresh energy within.

Sample - Relaxation Meditation 

Deep Breathing Meditation

As children we start off with abdominal breathing utilizing our diaphragm but as we age our stress levels increase. We lose the natural flow, causing the majority of us to breathe rapid, shallow breaths. Creating full sensory awareness of breath requires 3 stages: inhalation, retention and exhalation.

Protection from Negative Energy

Everything is energy; our bodies, feelings, thoughts and all we have around us. This meditation is designed to give you tools to clear your own energy field. It will help protect your energy. Also it will reflect emotions and thoughts back to the person it came from.

The only place to truly heal, is within ourselves.

Female Energy

From a point deeply in the womb, we woman naturally run an energy which comes up through our middle, just to release up and out through the top of our head. In this guided meditation you will learn how to run this energy at the ultimate level for you.

Cutting Cords

Everything is energy; our bodies, thoughts, emotions, everything around us. Here I will share with you some great tools, teaching you how to clear your energy, protect your energy, run your energy plus clear the energy in your home or at work, and so forth.

Balloons & Separating Energy

This is a simple yet effective mediation where you will breathe in positive qualities, plus you will learn how to separate energy . If you work with clients (with healing work or other similar work) and also after business meetings or in general, it will help free the energy. The more you do this, the more you will become aware of your own patterns of giving energy away or taking energy on-board.


To be grounded means being present and connected within. Often we are “off in our minds”, thinking of the past or planning the future. To imagine our energy reach into the Earth’s core, while sitting in stillness, is a very good way to ground. So enjoy this meditation. It will help you stay focused and clear.

Manifestation & Gratitude

We are the creators of our own lives. This meditation invites you to become clear of what you wish for, find gratitude for what you already have and let go of old fears blocking you. All by connection to your own creative power within.

Connection to Spirit

Sit down and enjoy a twenty minute meditation/visualisation where you will have an opportunity to connect either to your guardian angel, a loved one in spirit, or to your higher self. So open up and allow for a deep healing journey.


Yoga Breathing & Meditation

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This is a simple yoga, focused primarily on deep breathing. To breathe deeply (while moving) brings good life force throughout our entire body. It uplifts our energy and helps release stress, tension and other blocked emotions.

Yoga – Digestive Sequence

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The belly; is our core, it’s the centre for transformation, assimilating food into energy, through digestion and elimination. This is the system that nourishes and sustains us and where we draw our strength, resilience, power and intuition (gut feeling) from. The food we eat has a specific effect on our tranquillity. Our relationship with food is a direct indication of our tranquillity. In yoga we focus and work on the belly centre to create heat (Agni) and to aid in assimilation and elimination. This sequence is an introduction to the belly centre, working with yoga to stoke the  Fire in the belly for balanced nutrition and elimination.

Balancing Hormones Sequence

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The reality of modern living is that despite our best efforts, we are all susceptible to environmental pollutants, air/water pollution, additives in our food, stress, and many other lifestyle choices. Our body’s ability to process these pollutants becomes burdened.   Hormonal imbalance  is  direct symptom of  modern living, experienced as weight gain or loss, menstrual/menopausal disorders, infertility, breast/ovarian/prostate cancers, acne, depression, thyroid disorders.   This sequence focuses on techniques that target different areas of the endocrine system,  which twist, massage, and move energy through the bodily systems to assist with removing toxins and  blocked energy from the body.

Vitality Sequence

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Prana is the quality of vitality, it enters the body through respiration, and is then divided into 5 different realms of vital life energy. Prana magnetises the iron in our blood, which strengthens the magnetic force around the body, keeping us strong and resilient.  The quality of prana is determined by how our body is breathed. Deep rhythmic breathing increases our vital life energy, as it floods the body with oxygen and this also gives instant relaxation to the mind. This sequence is an introduction to Pranayama, (breathing exercises) and techniques to increase the bodies ability to absorb prana.


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