Profile Kim-5 (2) (678x1024)Your host Kim Ruddenklau is passionate about finding balance.

Nirvana Retreat embodies Kim’s passion for health and well-being. Utilising her broad knowledge and practical experience in the beauty industry she has made a place of solace – a place for healing and rejuvenation.

Kim has created her sanctuary nestled within South Canterbury. She has her horses around her and she has made this spirited South Island community her home.

Kim is trained in Bowen therapy, equine therapy, massage, beauty treatments, holistic nutrition, colonic therapy  and she is knowledgeable in alternative medicines and health. Kims uses proven natural products that her clients have seen results with. She is forever learning and exploring new ideas in her pursuit of leading a balanced life.

Inspired by the philosophies of Dr John R Lee, Dr Norman Walker and Natalia Rose, Kim has created a hub in Nirvana Retreat from which to promote her life’s guiding principles. The surroundings both inside and out represent the materialization of Kim’s dream.

Nirvana Retreat provides an environment to help you begin to set some life goals and take your first steps towards embracing the skin you’re in!

Profile Jeanette-5 (2) (678x1024)Jeanette Cousins who specialises in hands – on – healing, deep emotional healing as well as teaching and practicing Meditation and Yoga Breathing.

Sweden born Jeanette landed on Wanaka shores after years of work and travel. Having attended a course in Sweden to read people’s aura and Chakra energy Jeanette was taught the skills of hands-on-healing (similar to Reiki) and how to work with blocked energy inside, to free it up. This lead to a years training with Brandon Bays (author of the book “The Journey”) a process of deep emotional healing, even down on a cellular level.

Now an Accredited Journey therapist, Jeanette helps and supports people (in their healing) so they can carry on in life more alive and free.

Jeanette’s breathing yoga and meditation groups allow for deeper connection not only with ourselves, but also with each other. She believes to be still and breathe deeply brings us to the present moment, away from mind chatter and stress, presenting a wonderful opportunity to revitalize and uplift our beings.

Jeanette’s lives by the mantra that life is too precious to hold onto wounds of the past. To live as the shining diamond that we are, is our birthright. To let go is always possible. To forgive always an option.

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