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Jumping-6 (3) (1024x769)Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse

Let Nirvana  guide you through a gentle 5-week detoxification course. The Lifestyle Cleanse is a step-by-step transformational journey taken within your own home with the remote support of Kim Ruddenklau and Jeanette Cousins.

We focus on cleansing your body, mind and soul while instilling knowledge to help you live your life in balance indefinitely. This course is more than a physical process; the Lifestyle Cleanse promotes better spiritual, emotional and physical living and results in the joyous equilibrium of a life lived in balance. The process will leave you feeling rejuvenated and alive!


juice (2) (678x1024)Personal Wellness Consultation – Your initial consultation at Nirvana Retreat is a chance for us to figure out what it is that you need to start feeling recharged, energised and healthy. We take the time to get to know you so we can make the most effect approach.



Detox 4 MenCleansing for  Men – Eating for health doesn’t have to be a diet full of salads or tiny portions. Nirvana’s Cleansing for Men is flexible, nourishing and designed for high-energy output and health.


Consultations available via Telephone and Skype or in-person

The Cleanse Programmes have been created from research and information gathered over many years in the field of beauty therapy here in New Zealand and overseas.

Extensive study in many aspects of this programme such as Colonic Hydrotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, as well as my personal journey, have influenced and culminated with the creation of this Cleansing Programme. The food and eating protocols come directly from the Rose Programme designed by Natalia Rose from Detox the World. The holistic approach of this programme is unique to Nirvana Retreat but utilises many common ideas and philosophies.

Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse isn’t just a detox for a few weeks then a fall back into old patterns to retox again. This CLEANSE is life changing and educational. As your system experiences new levels of living, energy and bliss, you won’t be returning back to your regular way of eating – it becomes a lifestyle. I have been very passionate in my journey in finding BALANCE in my wellness and have found CLEANSING to be catalyst.

Clearing toxins and bringing the body into BALANCE has a physical, emotional and spiritual benefit. The process leads your body into greater bliss, chi, clarity, joy, vitality, and truth.

If you are passionate and want to take your wellbeing to the next level and are committed to making life changes, you will find the Nirvana Cleansing Programmes transforming. I offer a complimentary 30 minute appointment where you can find out more about Nirvana philosophy and if the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse is for you. Please contact for a personal consultation that can lead you to BALANCE, JOY & WELLNESS.

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