Facial Therapy


Osmosis is a medical grade skin care range for the treatment of sun damage, pigmentation, acne, and sensitivity.  It is an all-natural, paraben-frees skincare range with a liposome delivery system that provides a 10 times greater absorption into your dermis layers where aging occurs and can be used on all ALL skin types.

Skin Analysis and Consultation

(We recommend you bring all skin care products and medications in current use with you.)

45 min – $60

 Nirvana Wellbeing Facial

A hydrating and balancing facial accompanied by a bliss massage.

60 min – $95                         


A customised facial using USDA Certified Organic Masks to promote repair and remodelling of the skin. Results in more of a lustrous and visibly radiant skin.

60 min – $119

Medi-Facial Plus

Medi-Facial, including Nirvana’s specialised massage techniques …  unwind and escape from the pressures of daily life, enjoy!

90 min – $145

Facial Infusion

This Non-Acid Peel significantly stimulates collagen production while rejuvenating all aspects of the skin. Liposomal delivery of calming, anti-bacterial and remodelling ingredients guarantees significant results.

75 min – $130

Medi-Infusion Facial           

A Combined Medi Facial and Facial Infusion deliver a more intensified skin rejuvenating treatment. Accompanied by a blissful massage.

90 min – $155

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