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TheraVine™ is a world-renowned, highly scientific spa treatment range developed by a specialized team with extensive clinical and scientific studies.

TheraVine™ has been developed for you from the indigenous Pinotage cultivar grape seeds, grape skins & grapevine leaves. It further contains internationally acclaimed active ingredients, in addition to powerful anti-oxidant ingredients – organically grown indigenous botanicals have also been utilized to ensure that you receive an extra-sensory spa experience and product performance.

Escape from the pressures of daily life and make time for yourself !


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An exfoliating, salt crystal buff which gently helps eliminate impurities using friction movements. Your deeply cleansed and oxygenated skin feels soft, smooth and revitalized – and is more receptive to the treatments to follow.

30 min – $50


(Sea Salt Buff, Detoxifying Bath Therapy & Detox Lymphatic Massage)

After being exfoliated with the salt crystal buff, you are submerged in a heated, aromatic bath infused with a remineralising sea water concentrate, (rich in mineral salts and trace elements), a detoxifying Fucus and marine sediment blend, (promotes elimination of toxins and induces perspiration) and a synergistic blend of Juniper berry, Grapefruit and Tea-tree essential oils. You therapist will then perform a lymphatic drainage massage using a detoxifying body oil – leaving your body restored and completely energized.

2 hours – $185


(Sea Salt Buff, Wellbeing Bath Soak & Uplifting Massage)

Escape the signs of fatigue with this luxurious wellbeing ritual. Discover the healing and energizing effects of soaking in a marine bath, rich in active ingredients, combined with the relaxing effects of the massage jets. Immerge from the bath to receive a wonderfully pampering massage followed by the application of a refreshing, circulation boosting gel. A ritual that leaves you feeling revitalized – and on the path to well being.

2hrs – $185


(Body Buff, Lymphatic Massage, Seaweed Mask, Pressure Point Scalp Massage)

Your treatment begins with a detoxifying, red grape skin salt scrub. A specialized, lymphatic drainage technique is performed using a synergistic blend of contouring and detoxifying essential oils. Experience the peak of marine pleasures whilst you are enveloped with our contouring seaweed mask, rich in minerals, trace elements and alginates. Let your mind drift as you receive a relaxing, pressure point scalp massage. Your treatment ends with an application of the Sculpt-O-Vine™ Contouring and Firming Body Cream. Tensions are soothed away, toxins are eliminated, and your body is filled with new energy.

2hrs – $210


Reduce the appearance of cellulite and enhance your natural body shape by improving microcirculation, optimizing lipolysis and strengthening the epidermis of your skin with this ground-breaking new scientific, active-based treatment!

Course of 6 or 12 is recommended

90 min – $125


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Be nurtured with our exquisite pamper packages…

Scientifically tested & proven, with its unique leading technologies and anti-oxidant, free radical-fighting characteristics, TheraVine™’s singular Body Rituals are able to firm, purify, relax and recharge while its delicate aroma’s will transport you into a place of complete harmony.


(MusculaVine™ Friction Scrub; Hydrotherapy Bath; Massage; Circulating Gel application)

After receiving a warm, aroma-infused sugar scrub, you are submerged in a hydrotherapy bath containing a concoction of muscle warming actives. A muscular aches and pains oil is applied to your body after which a massage is performed to help ease the pains of muscle spasms, arthritis, rheumatism and fatigue. A circulating gel is then applied, leaving your body feeling refreshed and invigorated.

2 hours – $250


(Health drink, Foot cleanse ritual, Facial cleanse and exfoliation, Body exfoliation, Facial massage, Body massage, Hydrating Body Embalm, Warm botanical compress)

Prepare to indulge in our full, sensory signature experience by sipping on a cup of anti-oxidant vine juice. After receiving a foot cleanse ritual, both face and body are exfoliated to ensure a natural, healthy glow. Relax whilst receiving a pampering face and body massage using AromaVine™ Pinotage oils. You are then embalmed in an extremely moisturising vine treatment cream to hydrate and nourish your skin. Awaken to a warm, botanical infused compress. Pure bliss.

2 hours – $290


TheraVine™’s luxurious Hydrotherapy Bath Treatments are able to recharge, purify and rebalance whilst enveloping you in a voyage of wellness.


Immerse your body in powerful grape skin and vine leaf anti-oxidant extracts combined with indigenous essential oils to promote wellbeing and anti-ageing, whilst achieving a deeper state of therapeutic relaxation. Your body is then glazed in one of the TheraVine™ Pinotage Body Oils to soften and moisturize the skin.  40 mins – $50


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TheraVine™’s facials provide the perfect skin maintenance to hydrate, rebalance, nourish and stop time in its tracks while its aroma & texture provides for a multi-sensory experience.  Each of our treatments can be further enhanced with eye, hand, foot or scalp treatments for ultimate indulgence therapy.


  HydraVine™ Facial

The perfect treatment for very dry, sensitive skin needing intense hydration and a vitamin boost.  This facial helps restore the skin’s hydro-lipidic film, by deeply hydrating skin with a revolutionary cloth mask containing Hyaluronic Acid which intensely moisturises and ‘locks in’ active ingredients for up to 3 weeks.

90 min – $145

  TheraVine™ Deluxe Anti-Aging Facial                  

The infinite replenishing treatment, assisting in reducing fine lines and wrinkles by implementing specialised boosters and serums to combat the signs of ageing.  The products contain active peptides which help regenerate skin’s collagen and elastin.  A plasticizing paradox mask is applied to further enhance the actions of the active ingredients.  A true time interceptor….

90 min – $155

  NutriVine™ Therapack Facial                                

An anti-oxidant, nutrient rich facial that nourishes and revitalises dull, fatigued skin types.  This facial incorporates a specialised, warm multi-active grape- and linseed face pack which stimulates and enhances the action of the products applied during the treatment.  Skin is left feeling smooth, soft and radiant.

75 min – $130


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