The Journey Information Evening

Not sure if The Journey Intensive Seminar is for you……come and find out more!

When and where;

  • Wednesday 29th July
  • 7 pm at Nirvana Wellness Spa, Timaru.
  • RVSP 27th July

What is The Journey?

The Journey brings you to a place of stillness and peace within yourself. From this safe place the subconscious can reveal memories of emotional or physical experiences that may blocking you. The Journey process then provides you with tools to re-evaluate these blocking experiences, allowing you to move beyond them.

In short, the Journey process allows you to tune in to memories that are blocking you and clear them out. After this the memories will feel more positive.

Is The Journey for me?

Do you find yourself living in your story of what has happen in your life?   Do you feel stuck  or something is holding you back from living your full potential?

People  worldwide have experienced this simple, yet powerful step-by-step process to overcome a wide variety of challenges from anger, grief, fear, low self-esteem; anxiety, sexual abuse, depression, addictions, physical or emotional abuse, terminal illnesses, physical ailments and people who want to make a significant life change for themselves.

It is a powerful healing process developed by Brandon Bays, an international author and workshop leader who healed herself of a large uterine tumour, without drugs or surgery.

Knowing the scientific basis for cellular healing and having experienced it herself, Brandon’s own healing journey led her to seek and discover a way for others to undergo the same process.

The Journey process give us access to our own infinite potential, our body’s innate intelligence, which then clears out repressed traumatic cell memories to leave the body free to regenerate healthily, wholesomely and naturally.

Registration for The Journey Introduction Evening;

Registeration - Introduction Evening to The Journey