Welcome to 2015

Detox & Recharge your New Year!

summer time special2

Since returning to work I have noticed an increase in skin dehydration!  Summer time, especially the summer we have been blessed with, can be very harsh on our skin, as well as the Christmas and New Year indulgence!  Over the festival period most foods and drinks we consume are acidic, changing the blood pH which affects the body hydration levels.

Be mindful of the sun, ultraviolet rays can wreak havoc with the collagen and elastin under your skin, leaving your skin dry and dull on the surface.

Enjoy the well-being that summer brings!  It is great to enjoy the quantity of vitamin D and body warmth from the sun in the morning and late afternoon but be mindful of the intense sun during the midday.

To repair and boost your skin try either the Summer Time Girl or Summer Hydration Osmosis Facial for the ultimate skin pick-me-up!

▪ Osmosis Hydrating and Firming Mask promotes soothing and uplifting benefits for all skin types. Powerful ingredients add hydration to the skin that aid in plumping and firming. Soothing and calming Cucumber extract provides a cooling and healing effect to most irritated skin while Aloe Vera helps to speed up cell renewal by up to 8 times and quickly penetrates the epidermis for intense, immediate hydration. ▪ Refreshing and cooling botanicals and humectants will wake up and stimulate the skin’s tissue, providing potent anti-oxidant support, all while toning and increasing hydration levels.

New Year Resolutions – Detox and Recharge with the Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse

Start February with rejuvenation from Nirvana Wellness.  Book a consultation and feel better in 2015 from the inside out!  We guide you through a programme to refresh and detox your body.  Learn about alkalising the body and food combining for more energy.  The Nirvana Lifestyle Cleanse programme helps you lose weight and gain clear skin and more energy.  Call to book your free detox and recharge consultation or check website.

For details visit Cleansing Programmes

Put into your diary

Monday 9th February, 7 pm – Detox & Recharge Information Evening; learn tips and tools for abundant energy, perfect weight, improved digestion, glowing skin, emotional balance and mental clarity!  RSVP (space limited) Cover charge $10

Monday 16th February, 7 pm – Juicer Demo;  see and taste the difference between a slow juicer and transitional juicer.  The Hurom’s “SLOW SQUEEZING SYSTEM”, gently crushing and squeezes the juices from your produce without damaging the vitamins, enzymes or natural goodness contain inside.   RSVP (space limited)

Monday 23rd February, 7 pm; Nirvana Lifestyle Cleansers Evening, for all present and post Cleansers.   On-going support, share the journey and recipes.  The night will include a light meditation and dessert.   RSVP, Cover charge $10

February; Liquid superfood, Body Balance information evening on trace minerals – date to be confirmed.

In our modern times many people are becoming increasingly aware that nutrient deficient soils and agrichemical and environmental pollutants compromise their health and wellbeing. I believe in prevention and knowing that the soils are depleted, not as mother nature had intended, I have chosen Body Balance (a liquid form trace minerals, no digestion needed) to make sure all my nutrition is covered.  Sarah Ritchie from Wanaka will be talking on the benefits of Body Balance.

For more information on Body Balance>>

Body Balance – Liquid Superfood, Olivia-Newton John discusses the power of trace minerals and features Body Balance’s SeaNine sea vegetable blend in a special PBS Healing Quest television series segment.  Watch Video >>

March; 26th & 27th March –  Jeanette Cousins from Wanaka, Inner Healing talking on The Journey and also taking appointments.

March; Autumn Revive Retreat Information Evening, date to be confirmed.

May;  Autumn Revive Retreat, Wanaka, dates to be confirmed.

RSVP to all above events to Kim

Ph: 03 688 2546     Text: 021 464 527     Email: info@nirvanaretreat.co.nz

Nirvana’s Favourite Summer Time Salad – Cauliflower Tabouli

I have been blessed with great large cauliflowers from the garden, and have been enjoying my favourite Cauliflower Tabouli recipe.  It also got the thumbs up on Christmas day,  Enjoy!

  • 1 cauliflower
  • ½ cup black olives
  • ½ red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
  • ½ cup chopped parsley and mint
  • ½ cup sundried tomatoes (soak in water for 30 minutes)
  • optional, cherry tomatoes and cucumber (finely chopped)


  • lemon juice (2 lemons or to taste)
  • 2 Tbsp. cold press olive oil

Cut cauliflower florets and whizz in two lots in food processor until rice like texture. Prepare dressing, lemon and olive oil, and season to taste. Prepare and mix sundried tomatoes, olives, red chilli, parsley and mint with rice like cauliflower and enjoy!

All the best for 2015, Kim x